The Erudite (Scrabble)

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Download Erudite... (erudite.exe, ~700kb)

"The Erudite" game enriches a dictionary store and develops logical thinking for playing.

Short info

  • Up to 5 persons participate in the game.
  • Computer can suggest the words.
  • 3 language support: English, German and Russian.
  • Ability to save / load at any time of game.
  • Ability to view (filter) archive of previous Terms.
  • Dictionary (for active and inactive words) management for each of language. Advanced dictionary management: editing, search, saving/loading, random filtering, clearing.
  • Best players table keeping.

In the basis of the game set the principle of compilation of words is included as a crossword puzzle from names of nouns in the Nominative case of unique number or shaped only of multiple number (scissors, etc.).


  • The program has an own store of words.
  • You can it edit at own and/or load additionally stock of words from a text file. 
  • If necessary, the word’s store can be saved in a text file.
  • This text file you can edit by any text editor.
  • If during the game the word missing in its dictionary will be entered it will be automatically written in its dictionary.
  • If a word, available in the dictionary, you will find not worthy to be in the dictionary of the program, you can it transfer to the list of inactive words.

It is possible to use the game at learning a foreign language. Thus, you bring in to the dictionary of the program only those words, which one you at present possess.


  • Animation of letters moving.
    Enables or disables animation when the player moves letters.
  • Time limit (in seconds).
    Limits time for term. On the outflow of the indicated time, the term passes to the following player.
  • Autosave.
    Automatically writes your game at closing the program.
  • Autoload.
    Automatically loads the game, if that was automatically at escaping the program written.
  • Level of difficulty.
    Influences of length, discovered by the computer, words.
    Also on behavior at replacement of characters at skip of a course.


Network game

  • Up to 5 persons can participate in the network game.
  • During connection, the Host Computer is marked with a green "smiley", the computer ready to play - with a yellow "smiley", and the one that is not ready with a red "smiley".
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