Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Volker Schweiger, and this is the home of some of the stuff I created. It's all free, so take a look around, you may stumble across something that will be of some use for you.
My very first homepage
Old homepage
Originally created for the help board which was closed when I was about to hit the mark of 2000 contributions. German only, no subpages. Holds some JavaScript gadgets.
Planta y Tacón
A site that I created for a fellow flamenco artist
Screenshot The JPEG Reducer

A frontend of the command line utility jpegtran. The JPEG Reducer can downsize most JPEG files without any loss in image quality. Very easy to use drag & drop interface, supports batch processing and logs the most successful reductions into HTML-styled Top 20's. It also finds image duplicates even if the files differ binary-wise, and can reveal arrivals which are present in your collection already. Read more ...

Current version: 1.02
Screenshot The JPEG Reducer

Another frontend, this time for the file identifier/extension changer TrID. Improves the command line tool by an optional, more reliable identification of HTML/XML files, a text/hex insight, CRC32 and file version information, and a batch processing which allows manual changes to the results. TriDup automatically detects duplicates. It requires a third party context menu handler which can pass a selection of files through a text file. Read more ...

Current version: 1.10
Cover Girl Skin for foobar 2000
Screenshot The JPEG Reducer

A fancy skin for the worlds best audio player foobar2000. Some features are auto-gapless playback of live recordings, free form album art, information about unpleasant track properties, animations, and an integrated slide-show during playback! Even it's tailored for my own use, the Cover Girl Skin is somewhat customizable. Because of compatibility reasons an outdated version of foobar2000 is highly recommended. Read more ...

Current version: 1.3
Coming soon ...

A very small but useful helper which works around some drawbacks of Bulk Rename Utility, a renamer to be recommended.

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