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Version 1.10
August 29, 2010
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INTRODUCTION[ Back to top ]
TriDup is primarily a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for TrID, a File Identifier developed by Marco Pontello. Main features of TriDup are:
INSTALLATION[ Back to top ]

Installation of TriDup

Simply copy the files TriDub.exe, TrIDLib.dll and TrIDDefs.TRD into a folder of your choice.

Integration of TriDup into context menu using FileMenu Tools

To start with, I recommend to enter the Option's menu in order to tell FileMenu Tools to not "Show All The Commands in Submenu". Remove the hook from this option, as well as from any build-in command you have no use for.

To actually integrate TriDup into the context menu, enter the Edit menu, select "Add Command" and fill out the Properties table as shown on the right.

Finally enter the File menu and select "Apply Changes". That's it - you're done !

HOW TO USE[ Back to top ]
Open your file manager, select the files you wish to analyze, right click the selection and pick TriDup from the context menu. The results will be presented within a maximum of four convenient groups. The column 'New Extension' holds the main result of the analysis.



In order to reject the group view in favour of a classic linear sorting order, click the desired column header.
In order to return to the group view, click the [SmartSort] button.

Clicking [SmartSort] again updates the group view.

Confirming extensions

TrID is fallible. That's why a files checkbox has to be ticked in order to schedule (confirm) an extension change. A manual tick of a checkbox enforces a critical look at  the current case. You can (un)tick multiple files using the context menu

The program option "Auto-tick checkboxes at start" can spare the entire effort of ticking checkboxes, however, you run the risk of changing things for the worse by blindly accepting any suggested new extension. For example, TrID often mistakes Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll) for Executables (.exe) and vice versa...

In the end, it might be a good compromise to leave the slider at the default mid setting, which subjects automatic scheduling to files which have no extension at all, since it's very unlikely that applying the one suggested by TrID will  make things worse.

As a final note, choosing the extension manually will tick a files checkbox as well.

Choosing an extension manually

Click the desired file. TriDup switches to the view displayed below:


The box holds a preview of the files content. You can click the [Raw / Binary] button in order to toggle between the two modes, however, this is usually not necessary as TriDup presets the appropriate view mode depending on the result of the analysis. Assumed ASCII files will be displayed raw = unaltered, while "Binary" replaces unprintable characters with dots.

The "Make your choice" ComboBox below lets you both manually enter an extension or make a pick from the results of TrID's analysis (apart from those with a probability of less than 0.1 %)

A manual extension change will automatically sort the file into the (topmost) group of files scheduled for renaming (in other words, you don't need to tick the files checkbox as TriDup does it for you).

All done ?

Hitting [OK] in ListView Mode processes all files with ticked checkboxes.

All successfully processed files will be removed from the list.
CRC32[ Back to top ]
The calculation of the CRC32 checksum is useful for e.g. comparing files to archive contents. However, in order to calculate the checksum the whole file must be loaded into memory, which is why you can limit the automatic checksum calculation to files of a certain size using the program options.
Please note: Files are considered to be duplicates by their CRC32 checksum and filesize only, NOT by binary comparsion! In case you are looking for a more sophisticated duplicate finder, it's surely out there. Concerning TriDup, it's just a side-functionality.

Duplicates are detected automatically. If encountered, a [Duplicates!] button appears flashing in the upper right corner. Hitting this button will cycle through the grouped duplicates. The button will disappear again in case all duplicates have been removed from the list.

Files without a calculated CRC32 checksum are excluded from the duplicate scan.

USAGE TIPS[ Back to top ]
Limitations[ Back to top ]
Folders are not supported. See tip #1.
DONATION[ Back to top ]
Well, I don't want to nag you too much about this. Just keep in mind that behind this piece of free software there's a person who spent a lot of effort in developing it. Which is something that really eats up your spare time. This is why donating is not about giving alms - it's about acknowledgement. And it is of course an investment in the future of the product, and others that may be in the pipeline (yes, there are some). So if TriDup is of some use for you, and you can spare a few bucks or Euros, please consider a donation.
US- Dollar
  • You don't need to have a PayPal account yourself in order to donate - PayPal accepts your favourite credit card as well. CreditCards
  • The currency of each PayPal donation account is fixed, which is why I had to decide on the most common ones. If you don't own Euros/US-Dollars, don't worry, PayPal will convert your local currency for you (however, you might want to check out this site first:
  • In case you are not sure in which currency to donate, please decide on Euros as those would spare me some exchange charge.
Support free software. Anything you can give is much appreciated.
SUPPORT[ Back to top ]
Thanks to Marco Pontello, you are welcome at his support forum, where you can leave a message within the local TriDup thread in order to contact me:

On a side note, let me inform you about the shutdown of my own support forum @ Having to deal with up to 20 spam bot accounts every day, I had to pull the plug in October 2011... *sniff*
Legal Issues[ Back to top ]
TriDup - Copyright © 2010 by Volker Schweiger. All rights reserved.


History [ Back to top ]
Version 1.10  [ Release Date: August 29, 2010 ] Version 1.00  [ Release Date: February 9, 2010 ] Version 0.91  [ Release Date: February 1, 2010 ] Version 0.90  [ Release Date: January 28th, 2010 ]

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Copyright © 2010 Volker Schweiger. All rights reserved.