- a tool for Grand Prix Legends 

made by Soeren Scharf

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Description: is a tool to watch races in GPL, the great Papyrus racing simulation "Grand Prix Legends". You will see a map with the centerline of the track and colored dots representing the cars labeled with the name of the driver. allows you to watch an online race just as loading a replay.
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Installation: does not need a special installation, just unzip the file gpltv.exe to your harddisk, launch it and select the path to your GPL directory. Additionally you should set the name of the server that holds a list of all running servers, currently this is (thanks to Virtual Racing e.V. for hosting that list). In the menu select "Options - List Server..." and enter the server name into the dialog box.
With version 0.2.6 there are some ini files included in the zip file, they need to be copied into the same directory as GPLtv.exe.

Tool bar:

 load a replay file
 connect to a server
 connect to a server by requesting a list of all running servers
 join the current race
 open the chat window (only available when viewing an online race)
 open the standings window
 pause the replay
 play the replay
 fast forward 5 times, by clicking a second time replay will fast forward 60 times, every next use of this button will alternate between these 2 speeds
 skip the current session, jump the the start of the next session (i.e. to the start of the race)

Server list: now is able to show you a list of all running servers, so it is easy to connect to an online race.

Standings info: will show you 2 different layouts of the standings window, depending on the current session. In practice session you will see a column with the fastest laps and in the last column the times of the last lap. In race session you will see the current lap of the leader and the gaps. In the last column you will see the fastest laps of the drivers.

Chat Window:

The server will send the chat messages on the GPL server, so you can read the complete action (whispered messages are not transmitted, of course).

explaining the colored dots:

 Eagle (in 65 mod this is the Brabham BT7)

With version 0.2.6 colors are read out of ini files. This makes it possible to overwrite the default colors and to define different colors for each mod/carset. The ini files need to be copied into the same directory as GPLtv.exe.



v0.2.6 v0.2.5 v0.2.4 v0.2.2 v0.2.1 v0.2.0 v0.1.0 and a firewall

To transmit the position data to the spectators, uses TCP/IP. The default port is 32001. The connection to the server list uses port 32002 (currently, all these things are configurable). So make sure your firewall will not block outgoing requests using these two ports. server

Server administators who want to broadcast the races on their servers, please follow this link: GPLtvServer.

last update: October 2006