Wallis 2003
A journey with members of the alpinists club Dortmund


The first day we hiked from Saas Grund to the Almageller Alp we slept there for acclimatisation. In the afternoon we climbed a nice rock there. At the next day we went to the Almageller hut and climbed the local climbing wall under the Dri Hörnli ridge, we liked it! Our target for the next day was the Dri Hörnli ridge. We climbed in two roped party's, Hermann&Martin, Jürgen&I. It is a very nice climbing route over a ridge in rock it's assess with 3+ but I think it's really underrate! I had to collect the experience to fell down in a key to climb, but a steel hook caught my fall, I suppose my backpack was to weight. But it doesn't matter it was a very important experience for my next climbing targets! So if you want to climb the Dri Hörnli ridge don't underrate this way there is one key to climb and I think it's more a 4 but really nice go and climb! The day after the ridge climb we tried to climb the Weissmies(4023m) but the weather was to insecure and we broke of.
So I have to come back to try the Weissmies and the Portjen ridge!
it's me in the climbing rock at Almageller alp
it's me during rope down the rock
it's me in a smal chimney
Hermann climb the Almageller alp rock
it's me under the Dri Hoernli ridge
Hermann under the Dri Hoernli ridge
near the step I fell down
Juergen is coming to climb a exposed ridge
Juergen on Dri Hoernli ridge
Strahlhorn, Rimpfischhorn, Allalinhorn & Alphubel in clouds
just my rope partner
the enrtry from Dri Hoernli ridge
a part of the ridge
Juergen is crawling the last key of the route
Juergen & Christoph quite happy
the Dri Hoernli ridge