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Howto Openvpn
IPCop and OpenVPN roadwarrior, easy as one two three...

Howto for ZERINA 0.9.0b

This howto will guide you step by step on howto configure the OpenVPN addon, so that you can run an OpenVPN server on your IPCop firewall, so that roadwarrior clients (Win32 in this howto)can reach your lan.

This is what we call "hassle free roadwarrior vpn"  ;-)

Before we start!

This howto comes with NO warranty or guarantee, so use it at your own risk.

Please note, the whole thing is still under development, so probably some steps are actually slighty different

We assume that you allready followed the addon install instructions.
And that we have already have installed the OpenVPN GUI

So lets start with step 1

Global settings
Certificate Authorities
Client certificate (add a roadwarrior connection)
Add a client( roadwarrior connection)
OpenVPN server start
Finaly connect from the client to our OpenVPN server