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Ulrich F.HOPPE`s Electra page

Notes about the Lockheed Electra L188

The Lockheed Electra L188 was the first airliner of US design and production with turbine power to enter commercial service,and proved to be the only large airliner of US origin to use turboprops.
Basic variant was L188A.
L188C had extra fuel and was certificated for higher weights and was intended for overwater operations.

The early operational record of the Electra was marred by accidents caused by some structural deficiencies in the power plant mounting,eventually overcome by a modification programme and re-certifiction.

After their life in passenger transport a lot of Electras were modified to freighter for their second life in cargo service.
Up to today about 20 of the 170 built Electras stayed in service in Europe for reliable daily cargo service .


First of four prototypes flown 6 December 1957
First flight of production standard aircraft flown 19 May 1958
Certification 22 August 1958
First commercial service by Eastern Airlines 12 January 1959
Re-certification of modified aircraft 5 January 1961
Last aircraft has had first flight 11.January 1961, c/n 2022 for Garuda Indonesian Airways (PK-GLC)

  • Some Lockheed Electra L188

    All pictures from this page are taken by Ulrich F.HOPPE
    except:  KLM  PH-LLG taken by Mel Lawrence
    Eastern             N5520      taken by Bob Polaneczky
    Trans International N856U ,Transamerica     N858U taken by Andrew Abshier
    Zantop            N5522       taken by John Kelley
    Air California N124AC ,Transamerica N861U ,Hawaian N5541B ,Great Northern N402GN ,Gloabal Ass. N5511and N5518,Air Andes and Banco de Mexico taken byMike / AirNikon
    TACA YS-06C ,pvt N8LG ,LACSA TI-LRM taken by Peter Frei
    Air Florida N23AF taken by  Don Boyd
    Northwest Territorial N864U,Dominicana N125US and American N6121A taken by John P.Stewart
    Air California N125AC taken by Richard Silagi
    Hunting Cargo/Falcon EI-CHZ ,Spirit of America N667F taken by Frank Schaefer
    MexicanAir Force TP-201,Intermountain N1006T,SAM HK-555,Aerocondor HK1845,NWT CF-IJV, Great Northern N403GN and Zantop N289F taken by Brian Maddison

    Ecuatoriana L188A HC-ANQ 1004 xx.xx.1972 UIO
    Intermountain L188A N1006T 1006 BFI .
    Air California L188A N125AC 1006 xx.xx.1980 TVL
    Mandala Airlines L188A PK-RLF 1006 mid 80´s
    SAM Colombia L188A HK-553 1013 xx.xx.1972 MED
    Global Associates L188A N5511 1016 xx.01.1980 OAK .
    VARIG L188A PP-VJM 1025 CGH
    Global Associates L188A N5518 1026 OAK .
    McCulloch International L188A N6106A 1028 BFI .
    SAM Colombia L188A HK-555 1029 .
    Eastern Airlines L188A N5520 1030 Oct.1968 PHL
    Air Andes L188A N5017K 1031 .
    Zantop L188AF N5522 1033 30.09.1996 YYZ
    Guyana L188A 8R-GEW 1035 xx.xx.1972
    Indian Ocean Airlines L188A N351Q 1036 18.01.1993 Opa Locka
    Channel Express L188AF N344HA 1038 26.07.1993 CGN
    RenownAviation L188AF N356Q 1039 03.10.1995 Opa Locka new
    VARIG L188A PP-VJO 1041 CGH
    ALM Cargo L188AF N358Q 1047 MIA
    VARIG L188A PP-VNJ 1050 CGH
    Amerer Air nt L188A EL-WWS 1050 19.03.1998 LNZ
    Mexican Air Force L188A TP-201 1051 MIA .
    TAME Ecuador L188A HC-AZY 1052 xx.xx.1975 UIO
    Banco de Mexico L188A XC-CFE 1056 .
    Northwest L188C N121US 1057
    TAN carga L188AF HR-TNT 1060 MIA
    Channel Express L188AF G-CHNX 1068 FRA
    Channel Express    at night L188AF G-CHNX 1068 05.07.2000 CGN new
    Air Florida L188C N23AF 1075 mid 70`s MIA
    Aerocondor Colombia L188C HK-1845 1077 MIA .
    Lineas Aereas Paraguayas L188C ZP-CBZ 1080 xx.08.1978 CGH
    Aerocondor Colombia L188A HK-1415 1081 xx.09.1978 MED
    American L188A N6121A 1083 mid 60´s new
    Great Northern L188CF N402GN 1085 Jan.1980  OAK
    Channel Express   at night L188CF G-CEXS 1091 05.07.2000 CGN new
    VARIG L188A PP-VLC 1093 CGH
    Hawain L188CF N5541B 1098 May 1979 MCI
    DHL/Fred Olsen L188CF LN-FOO 1098 15.02.1996 FRA
    DHL L188CF N590HG 1098 27.08.2000 Opa Locka new
    ALM Cargo L188AF N665F 1100 15.01.1994 MIA
    Atlantic Cargo L188AF G-LOFC 1100 15.02.1996 FRA
    Atlantic Airlines L188AF G-LOFC 1100 14.10.1999 FRA .
    Dominicana L188CF N125US 1101 xx.xx.1970 new
    Zantop L188C N289F 1110 YIP .
    Air Florida L188C N25AF 1111 MIA .
    Private L188C N8LG 1112 01.02.81 FXE
    Air Bridge Carrier L188CF N360Q 1112 18.01.1993 Opa Locka
    Channel Express L188CF N360Q 1112 23.09.1997 FRA
    ex Canadian Pacific Airlines L188C N188LE 1113 29.10.1997 Opa Locka
    Air California L188A N124AC 1114 Jan 1980 OAK
    Great Northern Airlines L188AF N669F 1116 MIA
    DHL/Fred Olsen L188CF LN-FOL 1116 12.12.1995 HAM
    DHL/Fred Olsen L188CF LN-FOL 1116 14.02.1996 FRA
    Reeve Aleutian L188C N7140C 1118 xx.06.1976 ANC
    VARIG L188A PP-VJU 1119 CGH
    VARIG L188A PP-VJW 1124 SDU
    New ACS L188A 9Q-CRS 1126 12.04.1993 POA
    Great Northern L188AF N403GN 1127 ANC .
    DHL/Fred Olsen L188AF LN-FON 1128 10.03.1995 HAM
    Northwest Territorial Airw. L188AF CF-IJV 1129 YXD .
    Spirit of America L188CF N667F 1131 July 1981 TUS .
    JBQ Aviation L188CF N667F 1131 01.06.1993 Opa Locka
    Atlantic Cargo L188CF G-LOFB 1131 26.06.1995 FRA
    TAN Carga L188CF HR-TNL 1134 MIA
    Northwest Territorial Cargo L188C N864U 1135 xx.06.1987 YYZ new
    VARIG L188C PP-VLB 1137 CGH
    Northwest Ter. L188CF C-FIJR 1138 YYZ
    Air Bridge L188CF G-FIJR 1138 FRA new
    Atlantic Airlines. L188CF G-FIJR 1138 05.10.1998 HAM
    Reeve Aleutian L188C N9744C 1140 xx.06.1976 ANC
    Atlantic Cargo L188AF G-LOFD 1143 08.12.1997 FRA
    Nordic Air L188AF LN-MOI 1145 xx.xx.1973 HMA
    Amerer Air L188AF OE-ILA 1145 19.03.1998 LNZ
    Amerer Air      night pic L188AF OE-ILA 1145 05.07.2000 CGN new
    Taca L188AF YS-06C 1147 30.01.1981 MIA
    Zantop L188AF N287F 1148 03.10.1995 MIA
    LACSA L188CF TI-LRM 2002 28.01.81 MIA
    International L188CF N359Q 2002 Opa Locka
    Fred Olsen L188CF LN-FOI 2005 xx.xx.1973 HAM
    Fred Olsen L188CF LN-FOI 2005 15.02.2001 Coventry new
    Hunting Cargo Airlines L188CF EI-CHX 2006 30.06.1995 FRA
    Reeve Aleutain L188CF N1968R 2007 29.05.1999 SDP .
    Nomads Travel Club L188C N836E 2008 xx.xx.1976 HAM
    Trans International L188CF N856U 2013 Oct.1979 IAH
    KLM L188CF PH-LLG 2014 LHR .
    Hunting Cargo L188CF EI-CHY 2014 06.06.1997 FRA
    Transamerica L188CF N858U 2015 Sep.1980 MZE
    Hunting Cargo/Falcon Air L188CF EI-CHZ 2015 11.07.1994 SNN .
    Hunting Cargo Airlines L188CF EI-CHZ 2015 31.05.1995 FRA
    Transamerica L188CF N861U 2018 Feb.1984 MZJ
    Fuerza Aerea Panama L188C FAP-400 2022 MIA



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    Amerer Air L188  OE-ILB in flightdisplay during Hamburg Classic 2003    15.02.2006

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    Artist Impressions of the L188 Electra    26.12.2001