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      Psychology and Economics  Part 2a

Volker Wegener   ,    24 Nov 2013
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About me: My website:

I am looking for Internet-friends from all over the world, especially women, especially from China.

TU Berlin '74• I had studied at the universities in Koeln, Mannheim und Berlin(TU)., I am a, psychologist, Diplom-Psychologe, and a, sociologist, Diplom-Soziologe.

I am living near Koeln (Cologne, Kln) on the Rhine, NRW, hilly area, in 51381 Leverkusen, Germany.
About Me: I am single, a, psychologist, Diplom-Psychologe, and a, sociologist, Diplom-Soziologe, born in 1942 and since2007 retired. I am a books-person and not a social party-person.Often I like to be alone. I like to be at home.I am creative in many things in life.Special interest: social power.My main languages are English and German.I also speak, Russian, ., I had learned French., Now I am concentrating on learning Chinese., Partly I do understand some further languages., Women whom I adore often describe themselves as goal-directed, purposeful, determined, resolute, strong willed, active, athletic, cheerful, optimistic.I like very much photo-wall posters showing nude women who are, charismatic, athletic, muscular, dominant, with superior look, emotional, and who are staring the viewer of the photo deep in the eyes without smiling and without laughing.You can learn, charisma, by often saying sentences to yourself as: "I like myself. I like myself as I am. I am a wonderful person. I am glad to experience this day. I am unique."I also like men who are charismatic, athletic, muscular, dominant, with a superior look, emotional.I like men and esp. women who discipline men.For 29 years, I had gone to the biggest, book fair, of the world in, Frankfurt, Main, Germany.There are about ten thousand non-fiction books in my personal book library( a large part in English).At former times I often used worldwide, amateur radio, ( also in, morse code, shortwave, and via, earth satellite, ), formerly, computer programming, ( C and C++ ), and formerly hobby, astronomy, . Interests: collecting books, English-language books; only, non-fiction; daily, audio books; US books; Internet surfing, since 1993; all of, social science, psychology, economics, political science, medicine, health, progressive politics, (e.g.,,,, ), capitalism, socialism, imperialism, Karl Marx, Capital, Marxism, Leninism, economic power; future of, China,,; New World Order, US empire; BBC World Service, shortwave; I like, flirting, deep eye contact; I like, nude, photos, showing, muscular, muscle, women and men; BDSM, FemDom, female domination, Mistress, Domestic discipline, punishment spanking, D/s, dominant female, submissive male, 24/7, female supremacy, my website, :, ; Russian language, I am open to, new ideas, brainstorming, inventing, researching, lifelong learning.Wikipedia, Formerly:, amateur radio, morse code, computer programming, hobby astronomy. Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, :, The Shock Doctrine, Arundhati Roy, Eva Golinger, Howard Zinn, James Petras, John Pilger, Michael Parenti, Ralph Nader, Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, William Blum, Charles Lewis, John Perkins, Michel Chossudovsky, Censored 2008; organization, management, Sun Tzu, neoliberalism, privatization, cuts in social services, free trade, :, big profits, and increasing, poverty, hunger, increasing, inequality, between, rich and poor, power elite, exploitation, repression, end of oil, financial speculation, resources wars, and, geostrategic wars, climate change, media manipulation, public relations, taking at face value, parroting, promises, double standards; corruption, protest, demonstrations, strikes, hunger revolts, class struggle, always from above, and, class struggle, sometimes from below, power, justice, international solidarity; life, human needs, and, nature, instead of the, quickest highest profits, people before profits, What will, the future, be like? Social and political, human rights.Another world is necessary, and possible.There is enough for everyone.healthy living, human longevity; charisma, positive thinking, positive affirmations; attitude of, gratitude; Louise Hay; initiative, and, creativity, in, science; sleeping with, sleep with, -, meditation, Amazon woman; book fair, Frankfurt, am Main, Germany; personal, library,, amazon, Make the best out of it.The more you know about it, the more intelligently you can decide. Self-evidence and the self-image are produced by repetition. What is the real word? How can you change the world? Against wars and for the protection of born life. History is the untruth on which people agree. Trees do not grow into the sky.Follow the money!Paying is deciding. Music: Baroque music, e.g., Bach, Bononcini, Buxtehude, Charpentier, Corelli, Fux, Dall’Abaco, Handel, Pachelbel, Purcell, Scarlatti, Vivaldi; Renaissance music; Formerly, often playing the, piano;
Global Financial Crisis, World Economic Crisis, since year 2008; the Euro, Gaza, Palestine, WikiLeaks, USA color revolutions in the Arab world in 2011 ,

I am a fan of mixed wrestling (women winning).

Internet TV, :
”, Progressive, :, Democracy NOW!;
Russia, :, RTR Vesti,
Вести,  Russia Today, Nash Dom, RBC Discovery business news;
India, :, NDTV 24 x 7;”;

EPHEMERIS 360  ,  PAX MUNDI  ,   ,  Global    , 
China TV in English:   (with browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox): CCTV-News (click: new loading)  ,  CNTV English(also P2P Live)  ,
News Portals:  RT 1 produced in the USA  ,               RT 2 (Russia)(progressive, the most clicked on worldwide)  ,  PressTV(Iran)   ,   CNTV English(China)  ;
Others:  ALJAZEERA(Qatar, formerly much better, now strongly pro USA wars)  ,  BBC NEWS(UK)  ;
USA is losing information war  ,  link 2  ,  link 3(really very informative)  ,  link 4   ,   link 5   ,   link 6  ,
telesur (in Spanish, Latin America TV)  ,
Progressive websites:   Common  ,     Jay's Leftist   ,  Workers World   ,  Third World Traveler  ,     Democracy NOW!   ,   is my best news channel. Also on:    ,    ,

Now I am concentrating on learning Chinese.
I do like most the TV news channels CCTV 13 新闻 = CCTV xīnwn = CCTV news in Chinese, and the different CCTV 4 channels.
On the Internet Explorer:  , It  needs:     ,To start TV, click on the first two Chinese characters  
直 播   on the right side of the channel
name (e.g. CCTV 1).
More on,  where it is possible, to receive Chinese TV via the Internet, you find on my website (Part 2c)


still to come


body language ,

 (  Dorothy Tenov  )  ,  romantic love by repeated eye contacts over the long-term

(  years , decades ) , ambivalence ,

( people can love others only to the extent that they do love themselves ,

people can accept love from others only to the extent that they do love themselves ,

people  who lost someone they love   often regret that they did not spend more time

looking at the loved  one  to keep the image of the loved one in their memory  ) ,

(  while in romantic love ,  people do see the imperfections of others  but do not

regard them as so important )  ,

A Royal Romance - Dedicated to finding all things Romantic!    ,

Sweet Home - What's Love?  )  ,

eroticism  ,


Deep Eye Contact
Deep eye contact means that one person does look deeply into the eyes of another person. During deep eye contact,
the person looking should see clearly the color of the eye of the other person ( e.g. brown , blue ), perhaps also a look
at the black color of the pupil will do. The person may look at both eyes at the same time, or alternately at one eye and
then the other, or look only at one eye. He/she may look for a longer time or only for a short time. He/she may also only
imagine looking at the eyes. With deep eye contact one should be careful, as it may cause a strong love reaction. Often on
a portrait photograph a person looks as if she is looking deeply into the eyes of another person when she does look to
the camera.
The person looking into the eyes, may also at the same time enthusiastically think or say to him/herself how beautiful the
other person is. The person may also look into the eyes with more or less intensity. Often on portrait photographs, a
person does look with much intensity as if s/he is looking into the eyes of another person, because it does have a more
positive effect on the persons later looking at the photo. The problem is that the person must look with much intensity
and must be relaxed to some degree at the same time ( takes energy ); this emotion and relaxation at the same time is also
used by speakers on radio and TV.


self-managed teams  (

(   Richard Chang Associates , Inc. , Publications  )   ( also former Irwin Professional

Publishing  )  ,

self-managed teams related to 

bureaucracy especially in  large and but sometimes also in small organizations
(  no creativity and no initiative  ,

pleasing superiors , Glaucon in   " The Republic " by Plato  acting like a careerist  )  ,

 kaizen  ,



 diversity  ,  ideology and the real world of  the creative process and its conditions ,

( legalism as preventing creativity and  innovation and causing waste , because the

creative process is cumulative and needs  easy access to many traditions , also these

traditions must still be in existence , now diversity is not only strongly decreasing in

biology ( e.g. in rain forests ) but also in cultural traditions , e.g. disappearing languages and

the associated cultural heritages )  ,  Also industrial products are less diverse because

large scale production is cheaper . )

( If all  people during the Stone Age had been conformists during all the time , today we

might still be living during the Stone Age  .  When all people are conformists , i.e. are not

creative and show no initiative , everything stays the same . )


Diversity is necessary both in the knowledge tradition and in biology ( plants and animals )  , so
that an adaption to different environments is possible .
Genetic engineering and the selection and use of only a small number of plant species
may cause mass starvation when suddenly a new plant insect pest is spreading rapidly .
As has been shown , in gene banks many plants kept there for the survival
of a species are dead and can no longer be used .
( Another thing , in genetic engineering , cross breeding among species is made possible
by weakening the immune system . Part of this weakness of the immune system is kept
in the engineered plants . This may cause infectious diseases to spread much
faster  .
Plants are genetically engineered so that MORE chemicals can be used on them  .What
effect will this have on the health of the people who have to eat these plants ?  )


( Goal setting :  The opimum of goal setting may be not too little and not too much .
Some things are determined by  fate  . Other things are determined by goal
setting by an individual . The media often try to convince people that more things are
determined by fate than they really are (  e.g.  " end of history " or globalization of the
economy ) and  media often try to convince people  that more things are determined by
the individual than the individual  has any influence on  ( so no government aid ) .
An often cited proverb : Change that what you can change , leave that what you cannot
change , and have the wisdom to know what you can change and what you cannot change .
Goal setting has to take into account not only the short term but must also take into
account the long term and the whole so as not to become  destructive. )                                                      


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