Wilhelm Ostwald 1853-1932






Biographical Dates




Ostwald, now 151 years young...”

Essay in 4 parts: by Dr. Regine Zott


Please follow us to Großbothen!




Come in! Ostwald’s home “Haus Energie”


Wilhelm Ostwald’s relationships to North America




Theodore Richards’ letters to Ostwald (Harvard 1905)


Ostwald’s american Students




Ostwald is one of my heroes”

by Prof. Jan J. Koenderink, Utrecht


“Traveling with the Atom“

by Dr. Glen E. Rodgers, Meadville, USA




Ostwald’s English editions


 “Application of the Ostwald color system in my painting”

by Helen Thomas, USA




 “The father of physical chemistry”

by Michael Sutton, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne








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